Promoting work on the farm


AGRIcarrières wanted to launch a notoriety campaign to encourage potential employees to come and work on a farm. The goal was not so much to collect applications as to position work in the agricultural sector as a motivating choice.


We developed a two-phase marketing strategy. The first targeted young students and temporary workers looking for summer employment. The second phase targeted full-time employees. We mainly bet on digital, plus a small traditional press campaign.

AGRIcarrières turned to Haricot to promote agricultural trades.

"Working with the Haricot team is simple and efficient! In addition to being friendly, the team is always attentive to needs, offers creative ideas and offers good support for all stages of a project!"

Sabrina Giard, Communications Officer, AGRIcarrières


  • 6 articles published in traditional media
  • 300 new Facebook followers and 98 on Instagram
  • More than 35,000 visits on the landing page