Serving the 2,296 producers of Lanaudière


The Fédération de l'UPA de Lanaudière (FUPAL) wanted to create a podcast to share relevant content, develop members' skills, showcase the region's products and producers, and publicize the services offered by FUPAL and its partners.


FUPAL turned to Haricot to come up with a name for the podcast and develop a brand image. After analyzing the market and brainstorming a lot, we came up with three unique names. The choice wasn't easy, but the customers chose Les Prods.

The name refers both to the Lanaudière producers and to the various productions. It's a familiar, down-to-earth name that sticks in the mind. It's easy to adapt and leaves a lot of freedom for the design. 

We then developed a strong, attractive visual identity, very different from what was being done in agriculture.

Les Prods, the FUPAL podcast

" Haricot quickly understood the energy of the project and offered us a range of proposals beyond our expectations. I love their professional yet friendly energy, which makes me feel like I'm working with friends. Having home-grown agricultural marketing specialists is invaluable! "

Adèle Lavallée, agente aux communications, Fédération de l’UPA de Lanaudière


  • Over 60 different guests
  • 6,150 downloads to date
  • Average of 190 downloads per episode
  • 129 subscribers on Spotify and 88 on Apple Podcasts
  • At least 1 download in 29 different countries