The largest agriculture cooperative in Canada.


After completely reviewing its image and positioning, Sollio Agriculture wanted to bring its brand to life through its content.



Sollio Agriculture calls on Haricot for various projects. During each of our mandates, we make sure to popularize the brand's products and services, while respecting the form and tone of its positioning.

We manage the Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts of Sollio Agriculture (commercial and corporate). We participate in the content strategy, we write and design publications, we manage the community and we analyze performance to continue to improve. We never hesitate to go into the field to create attractive content!

We are also writing the new Sollio Agriculture website. It's a colossal job, with over 200 pages of carefully thought out content.

We create different pieces of content, including newsletters, product guides, presentations, brochures, internal communications, HR campaigns, etc.

In everything we do, we always remain authentic, down-to-earth, close to the producers, in perfect cohesion with the values ​​of the new brand.

  • Sollio Agriculture chose Haricot for its content writing and social media management.

“I enjoy working with the Haricot team. They have a range of experts, and they’re very generous with their creative ideas. We can rely on their professionalism when it comes to interviewing our experts and turning our agronomic content into layman’s terms. They are always flexible in terms of delivering our mandates.”

Ingrid Faulkner, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Sollio Agriculture


  • Streamlined and effective documents that go straight to the point
  • + notoriety and engagement
  • 234 pages of content written and/or optimized for the website
  • 27% more subscribers in one year on Facebook